As I have stated, I live in Memphis, TN. For those of you who are not so into random knowledge, it's where Elvis lived. However, Memphis is not your typical Southern city. Memphis has a very... shady reputation, for a few good reasons. Like for one our mayor has said on the news that he hates white people and has ruined our city's government, but he was re-elected five times. (I would like to point out as a white person I am the minority in Memphis at like 24% if I remember my Wiki facts right.) Also, most Memphians have the address of our jail memorized (it's 201 Poplar Ave). We even have a little thing on radio every Monday called "What You Doin' Down At 201?". We also have one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation. There was one year where only Compton, Camden (NJ), Detroit, and New Orleans beat us out. We are some what proud of it, if only for the fact it means that you lived. On the bright side we have one of the highest murder case closure rates in the nation. But you know, since at least one person is murdered every week (literally) it would be sad if we did not have a good closure rate. We are a very down to earth and gritty town, to the point of being a bit unsafe. But if you don't live in Memphis, you do not get to criticize it, because it does have some nice parts to it. We have fantastic food (mmmmm, barbecue) and host the World Barbecue Championships every year (mmmmm, barbecue). We have good music, usually in May around the Beale Street Music Fest. We also have beautiful scenery, especially around the suburbs (closer to Germantown we have Shelby Farms and we gots bison there!).
I admit fully Memphis is messed up. It is a fucked up hellhole. But you know? I wouldn't have it any other way. At least I am perpetually entertained and have good food.


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