Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drama, No Thanks

It has been an interesting three days, so I will start on Monday. Monday I got a call from Duran (I believe I have mentioned him before). Duran said that he and the gang had all had just horrible day, and wanted to know if they could come drink at my house. I said yes for the simple fact I don't drink during the week so that means I could watch them and make sure they were okay. So around 10:30pm they all arrived, including to my dislike Christian. They drank while I watched. Let me tell you, drunken charades is hilarious. My friend of Greek heritage, Gwinobi (a nickname obviously), used himself to make us try to guess the movie 300, claiming his family was from Sparta, so he therefore was a Spartan. And that is basically the whole night. Except I found out why their day was so bad. Duran was betrayed by a close friend over a personal matter (I am hunting down this man and giving him a piece of my mind for doing it). And Tori... Well...

I am going to go off the subject a little bit here. I have a friend, Tori. I love her to death and she's the one who has dubbed me the most adorable drunk ever. She is currently engaged to Christian. Now, the moment I met him, I had a very uneasy feeling, and I knew I probably would not like him very much. I have sadly been proven right. Through events that I will not write out of privacy for them, I have come to dislike him. Quite frankly I don't like how he treats her. However, Tori has made mistakes as well (once again not going into them). Now, I have a rule about my friends and their personal lives: if you ask my opinion I will give it, but other than that I will not be involved in it. Unless he/she is hurting you, then their ass is mine to whoop. Right now there is for lack of better terms a lot of drama between Tori and Christian. Tori would prefer to keep it between them, however Christian is trying to get people to choose sides. He ad the audacity to come up to me, pull me to the side, and try to get me to tell him what Tori had told me in confidence about their relationship. I suck at lying, but he believed what I told him. Now I stated to Tori to get him to understand that their fights are not my concern and I will not be choosing sides. And if I did I'd have to go with Tori. She is way cuter than him anyway.

That has been my last three days. I am hoping the rest of the week will go better. Also, still no luck on the job hunt. Oh well.


Kari said...

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