Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to the Parents

To make a long story short, I let myself get drunk. This is typically not a problem. My friends claim I'm their favorite drunk if only for the fact all I do is sit, laugh, or randomly start hating on things (never people though...). Last night I started yelling at video games for how stupid certain things were. For example, in Smash Bros. there is a final attack where you hit people with a car. I yelled there was nothing special about that, that's just vehicular homicide and that happens on a weekly basis in Memphis. Then I attacked this character that has a little star that float by her, saying that the star was just like spinners, it looks cool, but it does shit for you. Then with the help of Potter I went to sleep. And woke up perfectly fine, no hangover, no headache, but my throat hurts a little from the screaming. Why I even made bacon this morning. I realize how much I missed just being around all my friends and our silly ways. So eventually me and Bradford (my roommate) left the still drunk Potter and returned to Cordova, where as far as I know Bradford has passed out cold since he hadn't slept since yesterday. I meanwhile am at my parents because they buy me a Sunday paper so I can try to get a job. Plus they have a great cable package, lol.

They miss me and my sister (she is in college in Mississippi) a lot. They have an empty nest, kind of. I live no more than a mile or so from their home. So when I need a break from my roommates or am hungry or just bored silly I come to visit. Right now we are having a hard time because my dad's mom was diagnosed with Benswinger's.

Now, let me set the records straight and say I don't like my dad's mom. My luck with my grandparents has sucked, badly. I don't consider either of my parents' dads my grandfather (one's a drunk who never did anything, the other is an abusive dick) and they have never done anything for me, other than complicate my life. Only one of my grandmothers has actually preformed the role, and quite well. She spoiled and loved me and Sis, helped us bake, taught us to sew, and even now as she battles Ovarian cancer she still puts us first and gets us things we really need (clothes, kitchen utensils). My dad's mom has done nothing other than strain and try to break up my parents marriage. Now, I do feel bad for her, and despite what she has done my dad being the great guy he is still loves her, but I honestly feel a bond or need to help her out. Help my dad, yeah, her no.

So here I am, watching TruTV, trying to think of a way to help out my parents. So far the only thing I have come up with is actually land a job. And let me tell you, that is very hard when you have little work experience. I can always try to win the lottery, ne?


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