Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Light Winds!

It is extremely windy today. So windy a giant tree limb hit my parents' house. I was sitting in the living room and heard a boom. I instantly recalled when last year we heard a much louder version of the boom, and a tree had literally fallen into our pool. I called Dad to tell him we might be missing some roof tile things, and he told me to go outside into these 30 mph winds and make sure our house was okay. So I was blown around a little (thank you being almost 150 lbs.) and checked and there was a big tree branch on my sister's bike. Bright side it my house is nice sturdy brick so it's okay. So I am not driving for a while (little car, big winds, not good).

No internet at my house still so I am using my parents. I feel so useless while my parents are stressing so much. I wish I could help them. Instead all I seem to be able to do is sit here and read manga or write in this blog. A security company didn't call me back (big shock) but I am still hoping for that job I interviewed for on Monday. That place seemed so nice and kind and they were IMPRESSED by me. Who the hell gets impressed by me? I am not impressive. I am lazy, forgetful, and rather ditsy. Maybe its because I wore my nice clothes which I despise greatly. I guess my height is rather impressive in my high heels (I'm 5'8" without heels, with them I'm probably almost 6'). Or the fact I can speak properly. That was probably it. Unlike most Southerners, I do my best to speak properly (except around my friends, they already know I have a nice vocabulary when I'm paying attention).

Maybe I can help with dinner tonight. I think we are trying a Rachel Ray recipe tonight. She really does come up with interesting recipes. Maybe we can have some kind of dessert tonight, like ice cream. Man, it is barely lunch time and I am already thinking about dinner. One day when I learn to clean better I think I will be a decent wife, because I will forever making sure my family is fed (I really love food...).


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