Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drama, No Thanks

It has been an interesting three days, so I will start on Monday. Monday I got a call from Duran (I believe I have mentioned him before). Duran said that he and the gang had all had just horrible day, and wanted to know if they could come drink at my house. I said yes for the simple fact I don't drink during the week so that means I could watch them and make sure they were okay. So around 10:30pm they all arrived, including to my dislike Christian. They drank while I watched. Let me tell you, drunken charades is hilarious. My friend of Greek heritage, Gwinobi (a nickname obviously), used himself to make us try to guess the movie 300, claiming his family was from Sparta, so he therefore was a Spartan. And that is basically the whole night. Except I found out why their day was so bad. Duran was betrayed by a close friend over a personal matter (I am hunting down this man and giving him a piece of my mind for doing it). And Tori... Well...

I am going to go off the subject a little bit here. I have a friend, Tori. I love her to death and she's the one who has dubbed me the most adorable drunk ever. She is currently engaged to Christian. Now, the moment I met him, I had a very uneasy feeling, and I knew I probably would not like him very much. I have sadly been proven right. Through events that I will not write out of privacy for them, I have come to dislike him. Quite frankly I don't like how he treats her. However, Tori has made mistakes as well (once again not going into them). Now, I have a rule about my friends and their personal lives: if you ask my opinion I will give it, but other than that I will not be involved in it. Unless he/she is hurting you, then their ass is mine to whoop. Right now there is for lack of better terms a lot of drama between Tori and Christian. Tori would prefer to keep it between them, however Christian is trying to get people to choose sides. He ad the audacity to come up to me, pull me to the side, and try to get me to tell him what Tori had told me in confidence about their relationship. I suck at lying, but he believed what I told him. Now I stated to Tori to get him to understand that their fights are not my concern and I will not be choosing sides. And if I did I'd have to go with Tori. She is way cuter than him anyway.

That has been my last three days. I am hoping the rest of the week will go better. Also, still no luck on the job hunt. Oh well.
Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blah then Okay

I am sorry for not writing in a while. I got my ass royally kicked by that flu I caught (yes turned out to be the stupid flu that's going around TN). That and now that I can play WoW again I kinda lose track of time. Nothing really happened this week in real life. I did go to my uncle Johnny's "Oops, knocked up my girl" wedding. Grammy was in tears, so happy her sons are both now settled down and giving her more grand kids. Not that she does not love me and Sis, but she misses babies and Sis is never home. The wedding was nice, just beautiful, and I adore Tiffany, my new aunt. I got to play with Baby O as well. She was just the cutest thing alive. She has us wrapped around her little finger, but she has an infected tear duct so she had to have her little eye wiped a lot. Mom won an Academy Award for her act with Public Enemy Number One: her dad. She did it for her brother and they both thanked her gratuitously (as they should). I had to was piss-stained laundry again this week. Bleck. Also, no callbacks from any jobs again. Maybe I will get lucky this week. Who knows?
Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick Monday

I have caught a cold. I still went out to look for a job, but I feel like crap. I keep getting chills on and off and I have no energy what so ever. Because of my chills my hands got unsteady and I sliced my finger open. I have realized one should not use a knife when you have the chills. I just have no luck it seems. And I left my cheesecake filling at my parents' house (I have returned home since our Internet is up). I will probably go to their house and get some cold medicine. Bah humbug to being sick.
Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a Day

Once again I spent most of my day at my dad's mom's house. I helped my dad clean her kitchen up. I have made it my goal to get rid of some of her cookbooks, because as a bibliophile I can tell they will start molding soon. Plus they are almost the same age as my dad. I'd rather buy her new cookbooks (which she honestly does not need because she is terrible at cooking) than have those rot. Then we went to Costco, and I have food now, yay! I will be seeing my friend Duran again tonight. He is going to come stay at my place for a day or two. It'll be good for him and I do miss him a lot. Dad has rushed to his mom's after a creepy erratic phone call from her. We are scared she might be having a stroke, or is going back to crazy town as we call it.
Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Perfect Day... Not

I am so exhausted. Today I spent the day with my dad. And his mom. The hospital kicked her out because she's crazy, but not crazy enough for a nursing home. So now Dad and I have to watch her. We did her laundry for her after we picked her up. I nearly barfed because of the pee smell. I think we are going to have to throw a lot of her stuff out because it is beyond saving. His mom is also not the most pleasant of people. One more snark about my mom and I will forget my manners and let her have it. I do not care if she is demented, she is lucky to have a woman like my mom as her daughter-in-law so she needs to shut the hell up about her. Also, I have now been giving the esteemed task of being her babysitter for Dad. I get to go there every day make sure she has taken her meds, is dressing herself, cleaning herself, AND throwing away her diapers. I don't really want to but my dad needs me, so for him I will tolerate that horrid woman. I'm sure karma will reward me for my being a dutiful daughter. Maybe I will finally win the lottery or get a rich boyfriend.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally Good Luck

Baby Olivia is fine now. The hospital got her fever down and released her this morning. Aside from being cranky I'm told she's doing better. Thank God for small favors. Another shred of good news came our way. My other uncle (Uncle Billy and Uncle Johnny are my mom's younger twin brothers) has told us his wife-to-be, Tiffany, is now expecting. She has some kinda uterine disorder and that makes her high risk so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Right now Mom and I are discussing what we are doing for Valentine's Day now. Mom wants to make these eclairs she saw on Rachel Ray today, meanwhile I am making a variation of a Sandra Lee recipe, which is basically cheesecake lollipops. We are just waiting on Dad to tell us we can get the things we need. Now, if only the insurance companies and hospital social workers would stop being dumb...

Thank you all for your prayers, they were very appreciated.
Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Is Just Not Our Week

I have just gotten more bad news. My beloved baby cousin, Olivia, is deathly ill. She has a 105 fever and might be having seizures, so she is being rushed to the hospital. I will probably be going up there along with my mom. Please keep Baby O in your prayers tonight. I'll write more when I know more.
Dad got a letter today from his estranged brother who I will call Tom. Now, there is a good reason he is estranged, seeing as how he's pretty much been disowned from the family. Every family has that one member who is... shady. Well, that's Tom in our family. He's a crackhead big time. We dealt with that, and that is not what got him disowned. He robbed is mom blind, took advantage of her in so many ways. Then she developed a malignant tumor of the heart, inoperable, and she was given about a year to live. He never came to see her. Never wrote a letter. Never called her. Nothing. The ass did not even petition to get out of prison to come to her funeral. That is when we disowned him. However he won't take the hint we want nothing to do with him. He at first kept calling from jail (probably for money) but that stopped. Until today. Now we are wondering how he got our address in the first place. I have my own suspicions, but I don't know if I should put it out there. Mom might yell at me or dismiss me. For now Mom and I wait for Dad to come home and read the letter. Who knows what bull crap is inside it.
So I reported yesterday that a tree branch hit my house. Well, apparently my parents' house was not the only victim of a tree incident. Down the street some guy's tree fell and is now blocking one lane of the street. As if the people in my neighborhoods don't drive badly enough, let's give them a legitimate reason to swerve into the other lane. And knowing the city, they won't come get the tree for couple of weeks.

There is a big murder trial going on in Memphis right now. The case is about a woman who was stabbed over 50 times (someone was angry). The prosecution seems to believe the woman's daughter has committed this crime. Now, excuse me for a moment, but let me get this off my chest. This girl lived with her mom, and was not even home at the time of the murder (supposedly she was at a club getting drunk illegally). But she had a fight with her mom before leaving for the club, and that is ALL the prosecution has on the girl. She was practically throwing up at the pictures of her mom they made the court look at. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE EVIDENCE? They are putting this poor girl through hell because she fought with her mom and she ended up dead. No murder weapon, girl was at a club, no witnessed, and she lived there so her DNA and fingerprints are everywhere anyway. How in God's name did that get to trial? It is just so wrong, I feel terribly for the kid, she's almost my age (I am around 21, she cannot be older than me). That just shows you how messed up the legal system is sometimes.

My dad's to the point where he is bringing in the lawyers to help. He is finally getting to talk to a doctor, but since the doctor was not assigned her case Dad will have to call for something called a case consult to get anything done. Mom is tired and had to pick up her mom from chemo yesterday. Grammy has stage 4 ovarian cancer but she has already lived longer than most of people like her (I have been told the first year about half of them die, the five year survival rate is around 5%). She gave me a Valentine's Day present, a beautiful Bindya wrap that's a pale lavender. I absolutely love it. I'm making little cheesecake lollipops for people this year myself. All I have to do is wait till pay day tomorrow to go get the stuff I need. Nothing says "I fucking love you man" like homemade sweets. Especially cheesecake. Best dessert ever.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Light Winds!

It is extremely windy today. So windy a giant tree limb hit my parents' house. I was sitting in the living room and heard a boom. I instantly recalled when last year we heard a much louder version of the boom, and a tree had literally fallen into our pool. I called Dad to tell him we might be missing some roof tile things, and he told me to go outside into these 30 mph winds and make sure our house was okay. So I was blown around a little (thank you being almost 150 lbs.) and checked and there was a big tree branch on my sister's bike. Bright side it my house is nice sturdy brick so it's okay. So I am not driving for a while (little car, big winds, not good).

No internet at my house still so I am using my parents. I feel so useless while my parents are stressing so much. I wish I could help them. Instead all I seem to be able to do is sit here and read manga or write in this blog. A security company didn't call me back (big shock) but I am still hoping for that job I interviewed for on Monday. That place seemed so nice and kind and they were IMPRESSED by me. Who the hell gets impressed by me? I am not impressive. I am lazy, forgetful, and rather ditsy. Maybe its because I wore my nice clothes which I despise greatly. I guess my height is rather impressive in my high heels (I'm 5'8" without heels, with them I'm probably almost 6'). Or the fact I can speak properly. That was probably it. Unlike most Southerners, I do my best to speak properly (except around my friends, they already know I have a nice vocabulary when I'm paying attention).

Maybe I can help with dinner tonight. I think we are trying a Rachel Ray recipe tonight. She really does come up with interesting recipes. Maybe we can have some kind of dessert tonight, like ice cream. Man, it is barely lunch time and I am already thinking about dinner. One day when I learn to clean better I think I will be a decent wife, because I will forever making sure my family is fed (I really love food...).
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Casey

Ah, Casey is a blogger whose blog I have been following for a bit now. As someone low on money, Save-A-Dime caught my eye. I have been reading it and so far I am getting scissors (zomg, scissors at last) and some coupons for cake mixes and such (birthdays are drawing near). But she is so kind and giving, always looking for new ways to help us save money. I have to say, that is pretty selfless. Then the unexpected happened... She started following my blog. Ever since she's been leaving me little comments to encourage me and what not. So I wanted to say thank you, and to pay it forward by giving out a couple of tips of my own. Please feel free to repost them and pass them along.

Trotter Family Tips:

1. Make your own salad dressings. This is not as hard or expensive as you think. Ranch is basically ranch seasoning (about $5 a big tub of it), some mayonaise, and milk. Two of those most people keep on hand, and it only has to set 30 minutes or so. Vingarettes are easy to, just basically olive oil and your favorite vinegar. Personally, look to Rachel Ray for those recipes, and they can be served right away.

2. Look at unit prices. Yes, if something looks more it isn't always so. Make sure to check your unit prices to make sure you really are getting the cheapest product.

3. Bulk buy meat. Go to your nearest Costco or Sam's or whatever it is called where you live, and go buy your meat there. You can freeze the extra for upwards of a year without worrying about freezer burn if you do it right.

4. Get a food storage maker thing. You have seen that thing on the TV. You know, it sucks the air out of the bags and seals food inside. Well, it works, my parents have one and adore it. It's worth the money you will pay for it in the money you will save on food.
I went to the job fair thing. Those jerks did not even confirm that they had openings, they just said they wanted to get information in their databases for further references. I was a smidge mad at that. Also, the HMO's are trying to screw my dad's mom and us over by saying she does not need a nursing home. I am sorry, but a woman who has a seizure disorder, can't drive, is convinced the monsters are coming for her, and who the doctors say is not going to improve needs a nursing home. My dad's blood pressure must be going through the roof. I am so worried about him. I think he's getting lawyers involved. This week is starting to suck as much as last week. I will be helping Mom with dinner tonigt though. Mm, breakfast for dinner.
Monday, February 9, 2009

I Feel Better Now

So I am going to that job fair tomorrow, praying that that company that interviewed me today hires me. I also preformed my good daughter deed. As I have mentioned, my dad's mother is ill. He is not only tending to her in the hospital but meeting with is business clients and doing the bills (because only he and I can do the math properly, and I have never done bills sooooo). To say he is tired is understating it. So tonight I sucked it up and went with him to tend to his mom. I did not do it for her, she has never done anything to deserve it, but my dad... My dad is the best person I know. I love him, and if going with him to deal with his crazy mom helps him, I will do it. So I did. Even when she insulted my mom I just smiled and only thought a mean retort. In the end, my dad was very happy tat I had come along and I feel good for helping him. But I swear to God I will never figure out how he came from his parents. Never.

P.S.- I really should do these good deeds more often. They make me all happy inside.
I have now encountered a problem. A place near by is hiring. It is a grocery and tomorrow is a hiring fair. Here is my dilemma: I have met people who worked there and hated it. And they have a high quit rate ever since that guy went nuts last year and shot up the one he worked in. However I will still be going... I got yelled at by my parents for "being picky". Excuse me for not wanting to work for a company where a crazy guy shot up the store. And they got pissed at me for thinking about joining the Memphis Fuzz (last time someone died on the job was about 10 years ago).

To Zoe Whose Blog I Read- Stay strong. I too know the pain of relatives you don't like being in town (or just around in general). Just do what I do: pretend you're watching or listening or reading to something and tune them out. And smile and nod. Works for me all the time. Except with my parents. But I generally try to listen to them, they tend to have sound advice (or are at least amusing).
Yes, I am relaxing at my parents once more (the Internet is down at my house). After going to all the places I could to apply for a job I am a bit tired. But thank God I finally got an interview!! One place interviewed me on the spot and I think I really impressed them just by being dressed up (always fill out applications in business attire, makes you look serious and professional). Maybe I'll get the position. Sure it's only $7 an hour, but I need anything right now. I am also waiting to see if I get a call back from any of the other places I applied to last week. I am doubting those though, because honestly me working security? Probably not gonna happen, even if I am one of the few non-felons of Memphis.

And what is with this Chris Brown story? He gets charged with assault with a deadly weapon and crime reports say his victim was... Rihanna, his girlfriend. Wtf? Assault with a deadly weapon on your own girl. Disgraceful.
Since my subscription to WoW (World of Warcraft) has ended, I have begun reading more manga. I have enjoyed them since I was little and I seem to enjoy them more and more as I grow older. Sometimes they make e realize the simplest nice things. For example, I started up on a manga called Koko ni Iru Yo! because the title seemed the most interesting of the newly released manga chapters (I read free scanlations online, and it is perfectly legal because they talk to the publishers and get permission to post the ones with licenses in America, plus they make no money from it so really no crime per se). It is about this girl who just can't stand out no matter what, always stuck in the shadows. However online she has a blog with two friends who comment on what she writes, and they are the only friends she has. Nevertheless she holds them dear because they saw her in the shadows and encouraged her to keep trying to be seen. Finally someone does reach out to her and pulls into the sunlight at last. It reminded me sometimes we all need to hold out a hand and help someone out of the shadows once in a while. So today if you can reach out, because it is truly a good feeling to finally be noticed.

P.S.- For those of you wondering I used to be in the girl in the story's position until someone reached out to me. There, now go be good. K thx.
To make a long story short, I let myself get drunk. This is typically not a problem. My friends claim I'm their favorite drunk if only for the fact all I do is sit, laugh, or randomly start hating on things (never people though...). Last night I started yelling at video games for how stupid certain things were. For example, in Smash Bros. there is a final attack where you hit people with a car. I yelled there was nothing special about that, that's just vehicular homicide and that happens on a weekly basis in Memphis. Then I attacked this character that has a little star that float by her, saying that the star was just like spinners, it looks cool, but it does shit for you. Then with the help of Potter I went to sleep. And woke up perfectly fine, no hangover, no headache, but my throat hurts a little from the screaming. Why I even made bacon this morning. I realize how much I missed just being around all my friends and our silly ways. So eventually me and Bradford (my roommate) left the still drunk Potter and returned to Cordova, where as far as I know Bradford has passed out cold since he hadn't slept since yesterday. I meanwhile am at my parents because they buy me a Sunday paper so I can try to get a job. Plus they have a great cable package, lol.

They miss me and my sister (she is in college in Mississippi) a lot. They have an empty nest, kind of. I live no more than a mile or so from their home. So when I need a break from my roommates or am hungry or just bored silly I come to visit. Right now we are having a hard time because my dad's mom was diagnosed with Benswinger's.

Now, let me set the records straight and say I don't like my dad's mom. My luck with my grandparents has sucked, badly. I don't consider either of my parents' dads my grandfather (one's a drunk who never did anything, the other is an abusive dick) and they have never done anything for me, other than complicate my life. Only one of my grandmothers has actually preformed the role, and quite well. She spoiled and loved me and Sis, helped us bake, taught us to sew, and even now as she battles Ovarian cancer she still puts us first and gets us things we really need (clothes, kitchen utensils). My dad's mom has done nothing other than strain and try to break up my parents marriage. Now, I do feel bad for her, and despite what she has done my dad being the great guy he is still loves her, but I honestly feel a bond or need to help her out. Help my dad, yeah, her no.

So here I am, watching TruTV, trying to think of a way to help out my parents. So far the only thing I have come up with is actually land a job. And let me tell you, that is very hard when you have little work experience. I can always try to win the lottery, ne?
Saturday, February 7, 2009

Then Moves To Another House

Arbitrarily we decided to move to Potter's house. Potter's family is gone for the moment and his home so much bigger. Also, my beloved Tai has decided to join us. Tai is hilarious, telling the men (i.e. Duran and Bradford) they sucked for not knowing how to make the ultimate man food, chili. Right now we are being bitched at bu Tori, who we left behind because she was two hours late. Tough titty said the kitty. She was late, and that is that. Now I eagerly await my friends returning from Kroger with the juice and soda and Rotel. Maybe Tori won't kill us.
So, Duran, Reagan, and Roy came over. We hung out, talked. We ended up at IHOP comparing my roommate to Pokemon. Now we are about to have a party in my cluttered home. Hopefully we won't destroy something. Or have to take someone to the hospital. ^^;; Wish me luck.
It's good to have friends. When I was going to college I fell in with a crowd of students who populated the ACSC (Adult Commuter Student Center). At U of M 90% of the students commute, but the parking horrendous and you don't dare leave mid-day if you have more classes because you won't find another space. So there is the center where you can go get coffee and what not mid day. They even let you sleep on the couches. There I met Reagan (officially the greatest guy ever), Tori (adorable, tiny, will beat the shit out of you), and Duran.

Duran and I have a special bond (no you pervs not in a sex way). You see, I have ADD, and I don't hide it. I tell my story so others will be educated about it. I toldmy story to Duran one day and he said "you know I am just like that" and got himself tested. So we both have ADD. To say ADD is my only problem though is to lie. I have gotten to the point of almost killing myself (in a moment I think was God's gift I had the common sense to realize it was bad idea) but I was so distraut I had myself instutionalized (not as bad as you think honestly). Duran recently went through something similiar, and I have been trying to help him through it because I can't bare to see him hurt. He came rushing over with Reagan the night i discovered my grandmother's cancer spread and hugged me, even though he was suffering from the loss of his own grandmother. He makes me laugh and smile and introduces me to cool alcoholic beverages. I am really glad I have him around, because it is always better to talk about these sort of things with someone who understands.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because Reagan and Duran are coming to visit me in the clusterbomb that is my home (Tori has a job I believe and can't make it). They don't care my house looks like the remnants of Hurrican Katrina and smells a little bad. Hell, it's better than the dorms at least. They just come and sit and we all remember the good times, and talk about the current ones. And get drunk. Sometimes.
I really am a home body. While I enjoy going out and seeing friends, I am much more comfortable sitting in my room, reading books or thinking up a new recipe. People act like it means your sick or not right in the head or too shy if you don't go out. Well, they are kind of right in my case for I am certainly not right in my head (otherwise I would not be on my meds). But for me, it is about comfort. Okay, so I don't like being in public or around people. I admit it probably started from the time when I was young and got bullied every day, but now that I am older I choose this. People make my head hurt, too loud, too perfume-y, or literally bumping into me. So instead of pushing myself to be with them (usually ends with me getting snappy and bitchy) I choose to space myself. And you know what? It makes me happy. That is one of the few things in my life that I can say I am content with. So due to the fact I have no money or reason to be out today, I am at home, in my bed, surrounded by books and my baby (a.k.a. Kitkah). And I can smile whole heartily and say I like it.

Now, if only I could get the new Lora Leigh book...
Friday, February 6, 2009

I Had a Moment/ My Condolences

Yes I am aware I have posted like 3 other times. I am just bored today. Onto what I am about to type.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized how trivial and trifle something you are thinking is? I am one who has unusually deep thoughts, but sprinkled through out is strange random ones. So I was lamenting on my house. I have been in it since August but I do not have all my furniture in it (I only got my bed in last month). Then I moved on to my kitchen. Tis a small kitchen, I feel so cramped in it compared to my parents. My kitchen and my bedroom are my living spaces, and my kitchen is also in disarray because not only because I don't have a lot of kitchen utensils yet, but I haven't quite figured out my organization in it. So in order to cheer myself up I decided to take a look at some blogs I follow to cheer myself up (I really like the Eating Simply lady, she has a quiet nice sense of humor). I discover to my glee that the lady who helps with saving has posted so I immediately clicked on it. Instead of a new post on how to save money, I found this instead:

"No post today. My daughter and son have lost the precious baby they were expecting."

Now, I need to make something clear. Children are my weak spot, my kryptonite. I love them, alot. I can't stand the thought of them being hurt in any way (oddly enough I am pro-choice and pro-spanking). Reading that kind of took my breath away. I have never had sex. Hell I have not even really kissed a guy yet (no jokes man). I can't imagine or fathom what it must be like, having a little life inside you, and then it is suddenly gone. I know what loss is like, I've lost family before. But never a baby. And to think I was being a little whiny about my kitchen. Sometimes life makes you put things in perspective like that I suppose. All those who read my blog, please give your condolences and prayers to this woman. Her family surely needs it right now.

To the Save-A-Dime Lady: My blessings go out to you and your own. I am sure that little life is in heaven where it belongs.
Excuse me while I forgo my womanly manners here for a second and go off on a rant.

This morning I read the news as I usually do (because I don't have cable and I can't make my rabbit ears work) and I discovered a story. It was about DSHS, basically the government body that is responsible for families and kids, in Washington. Apparently these assholes have been breaking the law. And I don't mean in a parking ticket way. Oh no, they have been breaking the law and as a result they have destroyed families and children have lost lives. I encourage you all to look up King 5 Channel's website and read up on the Stuth Case. I almost started crying when I heard what the state did to that family. They did nothing wrong other than advocate their child and grandchild and they almost lost their beautiful grand baby as a result. Furthermore, the child was not even put into a safe foster home. The foster mom had a crazy ex after her and the baby had mysterious injuries like black eyes and an untreated roto virus infection (from my understanding it can be fatal in children so young). But then like a Godsend came this Susannah Frame (God I hope I spelled that right) and State Representative Pam Roach. They became the staunch allies of this poor family and have now brought to light the terrible abuses this agency commits.

Now, I don't mean to be a potty mouth, but what the fuck, DSHS? Your duty is to PROTECT these people, yet you turn out to make them even bigger victims! People who harm children make me sick. I hope you all have a nice spot in hell for tarnishing the names of social workers everywhere, and for putting that beautiful baby in such danger.

As a final twist the State Ethics Committee has seen fit to start"investigating" Mrs. Roach. Hmmm, an investigation right after she unveils that a government agency hasn't been doing its job. You don't have to be a paranoid conspiracy person to see that there is something else going on there. To Mrs. Roach I sincerely hope you will weather this storm okay. Our government needs more dedicated people like you in it. And to you, DSHS... What is done in the shadows shall always be brought into the light...
As I have stated, I live in Memphis, TN. For those of you who are not so into random knowledge, it's where Elvis lived. However, Memphis is not your typical Southern city. Memphis has a very... shady reputation, for a few good reasons. Like for one our mayor has said on the news that he hates white people and has ruined our city's government, but he was re-elected five times. (I would like to point out as a white person I am the minority in Memphis at like 24% if I remember my Wiki facts right.) Also, most Memphians have the address of our jail memorized (it's 201 Poplar Ave). We even have a little thing on radio every Monday called "What You Doin' Down At 201?". We also have one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation. There was one year where only Compton, Camden (NJ), Detroit, and New Orleans beat us out. We are some what proud of it, if only for the fact it means that you lived. On the bright side we have one of the highest murder case closure rates in the nation. But you know, since at least one person is murdered every week (literally) it would be sad if we did not have a good closure rate. We are a very down to earth and gritty town, to the point of being a bit unsafe. But if you don't live in Memphis, you do not get to criticize it, because it does have some nice parts to it. We have fantastic food (mmmmm, barbecue) and host the World Barbecue Championships every year (mmmmm, barbecue). We have good music, usually in May around the Beale Street Music Fest. We also have beautiful scenery, especially around the suburbs (closer to Germantown we have Shelby Farms and we gots bison there!).
I admit fully Memphis is messed up. It is a fucked up hellhole. But you know? I wouldn't have it any other way. At least I am perpetually entertained and have good food.
For a while now I have been trying to think of a way to provide a therapy for myself. I figure the best way to go is to start a blog. So let me start by introducing myself properly.

Name: Ashley (Mom named me after the hero in Gone With the Wind)
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Between 145-155 lbs
Race?: White, also part Jewish
Family: Dad, Mom, Sis (younger)
Pets: Bastet, a.k.a. Kitkah
Residence: A duplex my dad owns
State: TN
City: Memphis
Color: Purple, pink, red, gold
Sign: Scorpio and Rabbit
Hobbies: Reading, writing (well trying to), sleeping, cooking, knowing random trivia
Strengths: Loyalty, compassion, cuteness
Weaknesses: My short term memory sucks, I let people I love take advantage of me, and I am such a daydreamer I will forget to do important things
Goals: To go to culinary school, to get a damn job
Quotes: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then go find the guy whose life has given him vodka and have a party." - Ron White
Political Affliations: None, I vote on issues, not parties.
Guns?: Yes please, I might have to stand up to my government
Abortion?: I am pro-choice. Not because I approve of abortion per se, but I would rather it be legal and safe because women are gonna get them anyway.
Spanking?: I believe in spanking a kid. I don't think you should beat your child black and blue, but a swat on the butt is not abuse.
Gay Marriage?: From a legal standpoint there's nothing really holding it back. You can't define it as between a man and a woman because your definition comes from the Bible, which is against the Seperation of Church and State. Also, if a gay couple is suitable and able to, let them adopt kids. I'd rather have them in a loving home than the foster system.
Religion?: I am some hybrid of Wiccan and Christian. I don't really care what yours is, just treat me like a person and we are great
Drinking?: I drink sometimes
Smoking?: Go give yourself lung cancer far far away from me.
Pot?: My parents were rocker hippies. While I don't like it, I think it is safer than cigarettes or alcohol. Plus it has medical uses.
Stem Cell?: I am for it. I prefer the use of adult stem cells for research, but I don't really have a problem using the ones from abortions either. I mean at least something will come form that procedure...
Prostitution?: Legalize it. At least then you can make rules for them, like make them get screened for diseases once a weak.
Kids?: Eventually, but I think I will be having a C-Section. >.> I need to stop watching TLC.