Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Much

It's been a while ne? Since I moved back to my house I don't have alot of chances to get online and most of my free time I now spend studying. By the way, school if going well. I really am enjoying it and I like to think I make the uniform look good. However I do have a big change in my life: a kitten. Last Saturday I heard a strange noise outside my house and went to investigate. Low and behold a kitten tumbled out of my side yard after I opened the gate. I immediately took her to my parents where my dad helped me tend to her. She's so little we were pretty sure she wasn't weened, so I had to bottle feed her. I have decided to keep her since no shelters will take her, and her name is Julia Child, Julia or Peeper for short. She's a gorgeous calico that's mostly black w/ little white and orange spots. I don't know how someone could have abandoned her. My parents have fallen for her, too. The vet says it's okay to ween her, so I'm letting her eat super-moist kitten food that she seems to be a big fan of. Boy, raising a kitten is like raising a kid.
My mom is kind of okay. She is afraid to stay alone in her house so when Dad goes out of town I come and stay with her. She wants to move so bad she's praying Dad gets a transfer. I know I couldn't go right away, but I think I would eventually follow them. They are my family, and I like having them around. Oh, I managed to burn 4 of my 5 fingers on my right hand Thursday, now they are covered in big whelts. They look awful. I took a loritab my dad had leftover from his root canal the pain was so bad. Then I found out my body does not like loritabs as it started to convulse. At least I know I won't become a loritab addict. Ever.
I think that's about all that's happened in my absense. I'll write more when I can. Peace out.