Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

So I reported yesterday that a tree branch hit my house. Well, apparently my parents' house was not the only victim of a tree incident. Down the street some guy's tree fell and is now blocking one lane of the street. As if the people in my neighborhoods don't drive badly enough, let's give them a legitimate reason to swerve into the other lane. And knowing the city, they won't come get the tree for couple of weeks.

There is a big murder trial going on in Memphis right now. The case is about a woman who was stabbed over 50 times (someone was angry). The prosecution seems to believe the woman's daughter has committed this crime. Now, excuse me for a moment, but let me get this off my chest. This girl lived with her mom, and was not even home at the time of the murder (supposedly she was at a club getting drunk illegally). But she had a fight with her mom before leaving for the club, and that is ALL the prosecution has on the girl. She was practically throwing up at the pictures of her mom they made the court look at. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE EVIDENCE? They are putting this poor girl through hell because she fought with her mom and she ended up dead. No murder weapon, girl was at a club, no witnessed, and she lived there so her DNA and fingerprints are everywhere anyway. How in God's name did that get to trial? It is just so wrong, I feel terribly for the kid, she's almost my age (I am around 21, she cannot be older than me). That just shows you how messed up the legal system is sometimes.

My dad's to the point where he is bringing in the lawyers to help. He is finally getting to talk to a doctor, but since the doctor was not assigned her case Dad will have to call for something called a case consult to get anything done. Mom is tired and had to pick up her mom from chemo yesterday. Grammy has stage 4 ovarian cancer but she has already lived longer than most of people like her (I have been told the first year about half of them die, the five year survival rate is around 5%). She gave me a Valentine's Day present, a beautiful Bindya wrap that's a pale lavender. I absolutely love it. I'm making little cheesecake lollipops for people this year myself. All I have to do is wait till pay day tomorrow to go get the stuff I need. Nothing says "I fucking love you man" like homemade sweets. Especially cheesecake. Best dessert ever.


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