Saturday, February 7, 2009

But I Have Friends Who Just Come On Over

It's good to have friends. When I was going to college I fell in with a crowd of students who populated the ACSC (Adult Commuter Student Center). At U of M 90% of the students commute, but the parking horrendous and you don't dare leave mid-day if you have more classes because you won't find another space. So there is the center where you can go get coffee and what not mid day. They even let you sleep on the couches. There I met Reagan (officially the greatest guy ever), Tori (adorable, tiny, will beat the shit out of you), and Duran.

Duran and I have a special bond (no you pervs not in a sex way). You see, I have ADD, and I don't hide it. I tell my story so others will be educated about it. I toldmy story to Duran one day and he said "you know I am just like that" and got himself tested. So we both have ADD. To say ADD is my only problem though is to lie. I have gotten to the point of almost killing myself (in a moment I think was God's gift I had the common sense to realize it was bad idea) but I was so distraut I had myself instutionalized (not as bad as you think honestly). Duran recently went through something similiar, and I have been trying to help him through it because I can't bare to see him hurt. He came rushing over with Reagan the night i discovered my grandmother's cancer spread and hugged me, even though he was suffering from the loss of his own grandmother. He makes me laugh and smile and introduces me to cool alcoholic beverages. I am really glad I have him around, because it is always better to talk about these sort of things with someone who understands.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because Reagan and Duran are coming to visit me in the clusterbomb that is my home (Tori has a job I believe and can't make it). They don't care my house looks like the remnants of Hurrican Katrina and smells a little bad. Hell, it's better than the dorms at least. They just come and sit and we all remember the good times, and talk about the current ones. And get drunk. Sometimes.


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