Excuse me while I forgo my womanly manners here for a second and go off on a rant.

This morning I read the news as I usually do (because I don't have cable and I can't make my rabbit ears work) and I discovered a story. It was about DSHS, basically the government body that is responsible for families and kids, in Washington. Apparently these assholes have been breaking the law. And I don't mean in a parking ticket way. Oh no, they have been breaking the law and as a result they have destroyed families and children have lost lives. I encourage you all to look up King 5 Channel's website and read up on the Stuth Case. I almost started crying when I heard what the state did to that family. They did nothing wrong other than advocate their child and grandchild and they almost lost their beautiful grand baby as a result. Furthermore, the child was not even put into a safe foster home. The foster mom had a crazy ex after her and the baby had mysterious injuries like black eyes and an untreated roto virus infection (from my understanding it can be fatal in children so young). But then like a Godsend came this Susannah Frame (God I hope I spelled that right) and State Representative Pam Roach. They became the staunch allies of this poor family and have now brought to light the terrible abuses this agency commits.

Now, I don't mean to be a potty mouth, but what the fuck, DSHS? Your duty is to PROTECT these people, yet you turn out to make them even bigger victims! People who harm children make me sick. I hope you all have a nice spot in hell for tarnishing the names of social workers everywhere, and for putting that beautiful baby in such danger.

As a final twist the State Ethics Committee has seen fit to start"investigating" Mrs. Roach. Hmmm, an investigation right after she unveils that a government agency hasn't been doing its job. You don't have to be a paranoid conspiracy person to see that there is something else going on there. To Mrs. Roach I sincerely hope you will weather this storm okay. Our government needs more dedicated people like you in it. And to you, DSHS... What is done in the shadows shall always be brought into the light...


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