Monday, February 9, 2009

I Feel Better Now

So I am going to that job fair tomorrow, praying that that company that interviewed me today hires me. I also preformed my good daughter deed. As I have mentioned, my dad's mother is ill. He is not only tending to her in the hospital but meeting with is business clients and doing the bills (because only he and I can do the math properly, and I have never done bills sooooo). To say he is tired is understating it. So tonight I sucked it up and went with him to tend to his mom. I did not do it for her, she has never done anything to deserve it, but my dad... My dad is the best person I know. I love him, and if going with him to deal with his crazy mom helps him, I will do it. So I did. Even when she insulted my mom I just smiled and only thought a mean retort. In the end, my dad was very happy tat I had come along and I feel good for helping him. But I swear to God I will never figure out how he came from his parents. Never.

P.S.- I really should do these good deeds more often. They make me all happy inside.


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