Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Much

It's been a while ne? Since I moved back to my house I don't have alot of chances to get online and most of my free time I now spend studying. By the way, school if going well. I really am enjoying it and I like to think I make the uniform look good. However I do have a big change in my life: a kitten. Last Saturday I heard a strange noise outside my house and went to investigate. Low and behold a kitten tumbled out of my side yard after I opened the gate. I immediately took her to my parents where my dad helped me tend to her. She's so little we were pretty sure she wasn't weened, so I had to bottle feed her. I have decided to keep her since no shelters will take her, and her name is Julia Child, Julia or Peeper for short. She's a gorgeous calico that's mostly black w/ little white and orange spots. I don't know how someone could have abandoned her. My parents have fallen for her, too. The vet says it's okay to ween her, so I'm letting her eat super-moist kitten food that she seems to be a big fan of. Boy, raising a kitten is like raising a kid.
My mom is kind of okay. She is afraid to stay alone in her house so when Dad goes out of town I come and stay with her. She wants to move so bad she's praying Dad gets a transfer. I know I couldn't go right away, but I think I would eventually follow them. They are my family, and I like having them around. Oh, I managed to burn 4 of my 5 fingers on my right hand Thursday, now they are covered in big whelts. They look awful. I took a loritab my dad had leftover from his root canal the pain was so bad. Then I found out my body does not like loritabs as it started to convulse. At least I know I won't become a loritab addict. Ever.
I think that's about all that's happened in my absense. I'll write more when I can. Peace out.
Friday, July 10, 2009

School Daze

Well, hey, I am actually enjoying school for the first time in a long while. I mentioned that I started on Monday in a previous post, so let me fill you in on what went down. Firstly, I have the smallest class in the school at 10 people. And boy are they all unique. There's Shera who's a grandmother and incredibly sweet, Jen has an attitude and a good heart, Tara is funny, and shy Allan is my lab partner. I lucked out and got the class of awesome people. My teachers are awesome, too. I will admit my lab teacher scares the crap out of me, but she's funny. Never have I been so excited and terrified all at once. It's thrilling. I actually get up in the morning WANTING to go to class. Also, I will admit it's taking a toll on my body. My hands are sore from re-learning to hold the knife and my back and legs ache from standing for 3 hours every day. Also I have said good-bye to long nails, they aren't allowed in cooking. Or soft hands. Ah, the glories of cooking. I'll type out some more later. I have to go study now. If I don't memorize these key flavorings by Monday I'll be in the hall being yelled at again.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's Got the Look

I got my new haircut. I am trying to get a picture of it onto my Facebook so people can see it. I'll try to upload the picture here, too. My Mummy tells me its a very artsy haircut to which I said a chef is but an artist whose medium is food. My mom will kill me. She hates when I do this kind of thing. Last time I took a manga character's hair style and used it for my graduation picture and graduation. She was not pleased but she stopped complaining... eventually. I also am saddened by Billy Mayes the Oxyclean Guy passing on. I will miss him because I enjoyed his show Pitchman on Discovery. I know, I have eclectic tastes in shows. I am so excited to be starting school on Monday. Monday!! My orientation is tomorrow. Wahhhhh. My parents are still in Hawaii, still enjoying themselves. Oh and Aunt Angela's second baby will be a girl. My family's a freaking harem, nothing but girls. Yay for frilly things!! Thanks for the support, Casey, you are right the God and Goddess work in nice ways, no? Until next time.
Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's too damn hot in Memphis. The last week it has not been below 90 outside, and my car a/c went out today. At the time of writing this I'm lazing about under the biggest fan in the house, and it is nice. My parents are about to leave on an 8 day trip to Maui for their 20th anniversary, and I am very happy for them. They deserve a nice trip. I have also decided to get my hair cut. For those of you who don't know I have bee growing my hair long for my now deceased Grammy, however, I am starting school again soon, and it is very problematic to have such long hair in the kitchen (it easily goes half way down my back). I won't cut it completely, I'm thinking of a style where the front is longer than the back to give the illusion of it being long. I'm also finishing up cleaning my house so I can move back in (no Internet there still, cry). Sadly the a/c in there doesn't work that great either. Oh well. For now the heat is draining my ability to think so I'll cut this post here for now. Toodles.
Monday, June 22, 2009


Sorry for not writing sooner. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately. I just finished up all the paperwork that says I can go back to school. I start on July 6th, and I'm so excited. I'm also tired because I have been going to these school meetings at 8 and 9 in the morning, and I am not a morning person (hence forth my classes are from 1:30pm to 7:30pm). I'm also tired from trying to deal with the emotional drama in life (best friend leaving, Grammy's douche boyfriend).

Speaking of him... We found out WHY he has decided to be the lowest form of life on earth (besides like a skinhead). He is pissed because my mom made him look bad. You see, Dale wouldn't let Grammy go to their home for her final days, he wanted her in a nursing home. She was terrified and didn't want that, so my mom stepped in and took Grammy to our home to spend her final days. So now he's being a vindictive, greedy son of a bitch to us. I don't think I have ever seen someone so hateful and evil. It is almost physically sickening.

Needless to say, Mom has been depressed over this. So, Dad decided to cheer her up. He is taking her to Maui, to some very fancy resort on Maui for 8 days since they are celebrating their 20th anniversary very shortly. We also celebrated Dad's birthday yesterday (it's not till tomorrow, but he'll be on a business trip till Wednesday), and that was fun because we got lots of food courtesey of his brand new grill.

That's been my week for the most part. Let me think... Oh, and I got new pictures of my Olivia. Oh my God, her ringlets are adorable! >.< So cute. I love her. And that's where I'll leave my post off at I think. I'll write again soon, hopefully. After I take a nap.
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Low Blows

So, I may have mentioned today is the day we were to start picking up the things that Grammy owned, so that's what we did. At first it was okay... but then Dale (Grammy's boyfriend) took back a piece of furniture that we had emptied of Grammy's things. This did not sit well since that piece was for jewelry holding. We waved it off until we got home when we noticed somethings were missing. To be precise, we are missing some expensive purses and furs that belonged to Grammy. So my dad went back over there to ask Dale about them and to pick up a kitchen hutch and cookbooks that are going to Mom, my sister, and myself. Dale would not fork them over, stating they weren't in the will (which he wrote and made my grandmother sign while she was under the effects of morphine). Well, this drove Mom nuts. She has been screaming, wailing, and uttering curses about Dale for hours now. I'm pretty upset myself, since Grammy and I discussed this more than once while she was in our home, and she made it clear those books were going to my sister and me, though we will let Mom take first picks. Too bad for Dale we already had a list written with Grammy's wishes on it signed by my uncle. Tomorrow we confront him with it, and if need be we will be suing him for our Grammy's things. We didn't want everything, just certain personal things, but now my mom is so pissed that I would not be surprised if she took everything she could (and she can do this with a lot of things since Grammy and Dale never married). We are at least relieved to find we have the expensive jewelry we were rather worried about. The cameo Grammy left me is beautiful. It's of Psyche and Cupid and I have discerned (thanks to Mummy) that the cameo is made from seashell. Maybe I will wear it with my wedding gown whenever I get married. It is just breath-taking. I hope I can find a camera and take a picture of it to show you all soon. Now, sadly, I must cut my writing short because Mom is still having a fit and I need to help Dad out with her. I will keep you updated and write further on this probably tomorrow evening. Ciao.
Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wah, I'm kind of excited right now! I finally signed up for the tour and information meeting at my culinary school. My dad wanted to come along with me, but he is busy on the morning of the meeting. Maybe I'll bring a notebook and take noted for him to read later. He's always there supporting me, and helping me if I forget something important. I think I want the man I marry to be like that. I'm in a slightly better mood than I have been the last two days, maybe that's because I am going to a support group next week. I read on Wikipedia that people with depression often don't grieve properly, and since I am certainly not handling this well, maybe the group will help. As I am typing this I am wondering what we are having for dinner, since food is on my mind a bit. I am also staring at this recipe book I have that I still haven't written in. I gave one to my sister since she loves cooking, too. I think I also found a place to get some supplies for my Wicca studies, but I have to double check first. And if it is legit it will be a slight problem, since it is in a not so great part of town. I'll just get Duran to go with me I guess.

No, I am still not sleeping really, and now I am drinking coffee to keep myself awake in the mornings when I am hit hardest by the sleepiness. Bleh, coffee is so nasty and bitter I have to use 4 Sweet-n-Lows and flavored creamer to drink it. I do like the smell of it though, that's nice. My parents won't let me sleep in anymore so I just have to make do. They are convinced I am not doing anything in life. Ha, now Mom can stop bitching at me constantly for "lack of direction". I have no lack of direction; I know exactly what I want to do. I just... I haven't been feeling up to it. I still don't to be quite honest. I was reading about grief and one doctor says it can take up to 6 months to return to a normal social life. My mom has gone back to hers rather well, aside from abnormal bitchiness and random crying. I have been quiet and withdrawn as you can tel from my lack of blogging. But, I am trying, at least.

Speaking of trying, I am trying to go back to fixing up my house. Kitkah has taken out her anger of me not being there (and me not being of sound enough mind to clean her litter box) out on my bathroom carpet. My parents unofficially given me an ultimatum: kick the cat or fix the problem. Yes, great idea, threaten to make me lose my cat when I recovering from the loss of my sole grandparent. I know I am not the best animal owner, I am forgetful and bad with the litter box, but I love her, and I can't imagine being without her and her incessant mewling. She is getting old, so she probably won't be here much longer, but she has been in my life since I was 13 years old. I need her, so I am going to do my best to keep her. Besides... the carpet in the house is getting replaced anyway since it's old, nasty, and rusted in certain places. I am so stressed right now, and worried. I hope I can do this, I hope I won't break or fail. I wonder, if this is being an adult, is it normal to be fearful of failing so much? I wish I had the answer, it might make me feel a little more secure.

P.S.- Thank you, Kari and Casey. It is very good to be back to writing once again.