Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Body

I really am a home body. While I enjoy going out and seeing friends, I am much more comfortable sitting in my room, reading books or thinking up a new recipe. People act like it means your sick or not right in the head or too shy if you don't go out. Well, they are kind of right in my case for I am certainly not right in my head (otherwise I would not be on my meds). But for me, it is about comfort. Okay, so I don't like being in public or around people. I admit it probably started from the time when I was young and got bullied every day, but now that I am older I choose this. People make my head hurt, too loud, too perfume-y, or literally bumping into me. So instead of pushing myself to be with them (usually ends with me getting snappy and bitchy) I choose to space myself. And you know what? It makes me happy. That is one of the few things in my life that I can say I am content with. So due to the fact I have no money or reason to be out today, I am at home, in my bed, surrounded by books and my baby (a.k.a. Kitkah). And I can smile whole heartily and say I like it.

Now, if only I could get the new Lora Leigh book...


Chris Freitas said...

I understand what you mean. I am literally a "home body" at heart. Due to circumstances (i.e. college, work, etc.), I am not. I enjoy hanging out with friends, but there are times that I am not talking to anyone. It is not that I am refusing to speak to them, I just can't figure what to say, especially something that's not my business. Some of my Christian friends gave me an intervention and lectured me how too quiet I am and I simply replied, "Sometimes, I have a hard time talking to people." While I try to be more open to people, I am not going to be a social butterfly because that's just not me. Experience has showed me people can be cruel. I am just comfortable with who I am...A 24-year-old college student who does not talk much and is majoring in Communications. A bit ironic, huh!

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