Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Casey

Ah, Casey is a blogger whose blog I have been following for a bit now. As someone low on money, Save-A-Dime caught my eye. I have been reading it and so far I am getting scissors (zomg, scissors at last) and some coupons for cake mixes and such (birthdays are drawing near). But she is so kind and giving, always looking for new ways to help us save money. I have to say, that is pretty selfless. Then the unexpected happened... She started following my blog. Ever since she's been leaving me little comments to encourage me and what not. So I wanted to say thank you, and to pay it forward by giving out a couple of tips of my own. Please feel free to repost them and pass them along.

Trotter Family Tips:

1. Make your own salad dressings. This is not as hard or expensive as you think. Ranch is basically ranch seasoning (about $5 a big tub of it), some mayonaise, and milk. Two of those most people keep on hand, and it only has to set 30 minutes or so. Vingarettes are easy to, just basically olive oil and your favorite vinegar. Personally, look to Rachel Ray for those recipes, and they can be served right away.

2. Look at unit prices. Yes, if something looks more it isn't always so. Make sure to check your unit prices to make sure you really are getting the cheapest product.

3. Bulk buy meat. Go to your nearest Costco or Sam's or whatever it is called where you live, and go buy your meat there. You can freeze the extra for upwards of a year without worrying about freezer burn if you do it right.

4. Get a food storage maker thing. You have seen that thing on the TV. You know, it sucks the air out of the bags and seals food inside. Well, it works, my parents have one and adore it. It's worth the money you will pay for it in the money you will save on food.


Casey said...

Hey thanks for the nice comments and the tips .

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