Monday, February 9, 2009

Relaxing on a Couch and OMG Chris Brown

Yes, I am relaxing at my parents once more (the Internet is down at my house). After going to all the places I could to apply for a job I am a bit tired. But thank God I finally got an interview!! One place interviewed me on the spot and I think I really impressed them just by being dressed up (always fill out applications in business attire, makes you look serious and professional). Maybe I'll get the position. Sure it's only $7 an hour, but I need anything right now. I am also waiting to see if I get a call back from any of the other places I applied to last week. I am doubting those though, because honestly me working security? Probably not gonna happen, even if I am one of the few non-felons of Memphis.

And what is with this Chris Brown story? He gets charged with assault with a deadly weapon and crime reports say his victim was... Rihanna, his girlfriend. Wtf? Assault with a deadly weapon on your own girl. Disgraceful.


Casey said...

Good luck on the job search.
Have you ever used
or craigs list

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