Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Perfect Day... Not

I am so exhausted. Today I spent the day with my dad. And his mom. The hospital kicked her out because she's crazy, but not crazy enough for a nursing home. So now Dad and I have to watch her. We did her laundry for her after we picked her up. I nearly barfed because of the pee smell. I think we are going to have to throw a lot of her stuff out because it is beyond saving. His mom is also not the most pleasant of people. One more snark about my mom and I will forget my manners and let her have it. I do not care if she is demented, she is lucky to have a woman like my mom as her daughter-in-law so she needs to shut the hell up about her. Also, I have now been giving the esteemed task of being her babysitter for Dad. I get to go there every day make sure she has taken her meds, is dressing herself, cleaning herself, AND throwing away her diapers. I don't really want to but my dad needs me, so for him I will tolerate that horrid woman. I'm sure karma will reward me for my being a dutiful daughter. Maybe I will finally win the lottery or get a rich boyfriend.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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