Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blah then Okay

I am sorry for not writing in a while. I got my ass royally kicked by that flu I caught (yes turned out to be the stupid flu that's going around TN). That and now that I can play WoW again I kinda lose track of time. Nothing really happened this week in real life. I did go to my uncle Johnny's "Oops, knocked up my girl" wedding. Grammy was in tears, so happy her sons are both now settled down and giving her more grand kids. Not that she does not love me and Sis, but she misses babies and Sis is never home. The wedding was nice, just beautiful, and I adore Tiffany, my new aunt. I got to play with Baby O as well. She was just the cutest thing alive. She has us wrapped around her little finger, but she has an infected tear duct so she had to have her little eye wiped a lot. Mom won an Academy Award for her act with Public Enemy Number One: her dad. She did it for her brother and they both thanked her gratuitously (as they should). I had to was piss-stained laundry again this week. Bleck. Also, no callbacks from any jobs again. Maybe I will get lucky this week. Who knows?


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