Monday, February 9, 2009

A Problem and You Can Do It Zoe!

I have now encountered a problem. A place near by is hiring. It is a grocery and tomorrow is a hiring fair. Here is my dilemma: I have met people who worked there and hated it. And they have a high quit rate ever since that guy went nuts last year and shot up the one he worked in. However I will still be going... I got yelled at by my parents for "being picky". Excuse me for not wanting to work for a company where a crazy guy shot up the store. And they got pissed at me for thinking about joining the Memphis Fuzz (last time someone died on the job was about 10 years ago).

To Zoe Whose Blog I Read- Stay strong. I too know the pain of relatives you don't like being in town (or just around in general). Just do what I do: pretend you're watching or listening or reading to something and tune them out. And smile and nod. Works for me all the time. Except with my parents. But I generally try to listen to them, they tend to have sound advice (or are at least amusing).


Casey said...

Okay, take the job. But keep looking for a new job, it is always easier to find a job when you have a job.I don't know why but it is.
So take the job and hang in there while you look for another one that you like.

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