Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Slight Correction

I actually went to the doctor today. Yes, I really am sick (as is Mom) but not with the flu. We both have severe ear infections. I haven't had an ear infection since I was eight. Isn't there some kind of law that say you aren't allowed to get things like ear infections, tonsillitis, and strep after your thirteen? Jeez. Now I can't hear because of the greatest ear drops ever (takes away the pain and throbbing, but are very viscous) and I still feel like I have the flu. When you get older ear infections are more painful and take on flu-like qualities, so said the doctor at the minor med I went to. And do you want to know how I got the ear infection? Partially it was Baby O, but most of it is caused by my sinuses leaking the wrong way, and they were leaking because of how much crying I have been doing. On top of this the one roommate who was paying rent is leaving this week without giving thirty days notice (rude much?). It seems like I have no go news to report, other than my online gaming is doing okay. Best stress relief ever, but like any other vice, it can be addicting, so I have to take it in moderation. Oh well.


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