Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Gets Worse

You know, my week's been pretty bad. My Grammy died, my mom's gone even farther in the deep end, I have a lot of blisters from the shoes I wore to the funeral. But as I often say, Murphey's Law, man. That is the law that if something can go wrong, it will. This week it struck me in a very unexpected way (as expected of Murphey's). Olivia has been sick on and off for a good two months now thanks to daycare and her allergies. Apparently she had the flu while at the funeral but wasn't showing symptoms. Now I have full body aches and chills and the crap ass feeling that comes from the flu. So do mom and Uncle Johnny, but it appears to have hit me worse. Probably because I was the one helping watch her for 70% of the gatherings. Ain't life a bitch sometimes?


Casey said...

Chicken soup is what you need.
Plenty of fuilds and rest.
And your on the prayer list.
Feel better fast.

Casey said...

Your are welcome. We have to all take care of each other, or this world would be a hard place to be sometimes.

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