Saturday, March 7, 2009

So what's going on?

After I wrote about my parents' terrifying experience, my week actually got worse. I have applied to 50 jobs this week, not one has called. That is becoming a typical week, but what made it worse was problems my friend, Tai, was having. Tai is a great person, and she is usually who people go to for advice because she is incredibly insightful. However this week it was time for her to get some sorely needed advice. She has been living with her soon-to-be in-laws. Her in-laws are assholes, and racist ones at that. After dealing with a couple months of this, her father-in-law crossed a line, and the best way I can put this is he called her a whore. And she was pissed, so she wanted to move out. She was so desperate to get out she had her mom come over (her mom is not a great person). Somehow, her stupid ass boyfriend convinced her to stay.

I DO NOT LIKE HER BOYFRIEND. He hates all her friends, is controlling, an all around jerk, and is starting to follow in his dad's footsteps. I had to sit down Tai and tell her in no short terms tat this is not a good situation. Actually I told her that she was being a dumb bitch and was pulling a Rihanna. At the time she had convinced me to join her in a couple of drinks, and I am a very cheap drunk so it does not take a lot to make me "groovy" as I term it. I seem to be drinking more, I think I am gonna stop drinking for a while. Anyway, back to the story at hand. Tai has me frightened, because I have seen too many stories where the relationship starts like that and end badly. I have had a small victory, I got her to agree to move in with me. I am trying to convince her that as much as she loves him, she deserves a lot more and better than her boyfriend. While this is happening, my friend roomie, Bradford, is pretty much getting kicked out for being a lazy ass and not even trying to find a job to pay rent.

That has been my week. Break-ins, friends in bad places, still no job. I can only pray something good happens soon, because this is just draining the life out of me. Well, I need to get off. Tai is moving in today and she is gonna help me streak my hair a brighter red. Hope you all who are my readers are having a better time out there.


Casey said...

Life can be hard sometimes...
But God loves you. You are in my prayers hang in there and you pray to he will guide you.
You are to young to carry the weight of the world...give it to the Lord he can handle it.

Casey said...
check this out this might be something you can do.

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