Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grateful to Romeo

I was very scared last night. I had no reason to be scared or worried. Nevertheless I paced and couldn't sleep until 4:30am this morning. At about 9am I get a call from my mom. She sounded like she had been crying so I asked her what was wrong. At around 2:30am our golden retriever, Romeo, started acting oddly, barking and growling, which he usually won't do at night. So my dad got up to shut up him then went to the bathroom. Low and behold there are a pair of men ripping open his bathroom window screen. Dad screamed at my mom to call 911 as he went to find a weapon. The police came 15 minutes later. My golden retriever who I have often have said was a big idiot who loved everyone had been protecting my parents. I am now eternally grateful to your stinky lovable beast, and today I would like all my readers to thank the dogs in their lives. You never know when they might just live up to the claim man's best friend.


Casey said...

So glad everyone is okay. How is your job hunting going?

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