Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Balance Wicca and City...

To say Wicca beliefs are the opposite of city dwellers is like saying the Vietnam War was a little mistake. I know I would never be able to just leave the city and live in the country. For one that is expensive, and I am in a perpetual state of broke. But I also enjoy some city staples, like clothes stores and books. Oh I remember when I stayed in Arkansas in the summer for vacation I nearly went nuts because the nearest book store was an hour away. I also enjoy the Internet a bit much. And you know I ave been off my meds for my mental problems before and that never goes well, so I kind of need to stay on those. So as I was reading my Wicca book again, I discovered the chapter on what to do to give back to my beliefs. In Christian faiths you give to the church in the form of donations, however Wicca does not have any churches or temples like that. So what do we do? We give back to the earth in the form of respect and being kind to it. The next question I had to pose to myself was this: how the hell do I do that?

1. Recycling- Always been a fan of it. I just need to get someone to get my recycling bin out of the poison ivy forest it was thrown into. My family has a bad history of being extremely allergic, and I do not want to find out if I take after them or not.

2. Method- Okay, this is actually the name of a cleaning product line I use. It is a little more expensive (about a $1 on average) than normal cleaners, but I originally started using them for my own health reasons. My allergies are causing me to have asthma attacks, and cleaning product smells bring them on badly, this line said it didn't have those smells so I figured I'd give it a whirl. It works just as good as a normal cleaner, but it's made with vinegars and alcohols derived from corn and rice. It smells nice, too, I am partial to the french lavender myself. The bottle is 100% recycled plastic and the stuff inside is 100% biodegradable. A cleaning product line that's just as good as scrubbing bubbles but without the smell and good for the planet? Hell yes please.

3. What Goes Inside Me- I admit that the drugs I take don't do my body good. They make me sick and weak and sometimes make me have shakes. I take them because I'd rather feel a little sick and be able to lead a productive life than feel good and be unable to be independent so to speak. Some religions don't believe in the meds I take, or even the problems I have, but I sure as hell do. So, in order to balance out putting these chemicals inside me, I am trying to go organic (or at least healthier). Organic I have only a small problem with, and that's that it can be so expensive. I mean I make allowances for my Method and books, but my food needs to be a little cheap, k thx. I do enjoy a good Farmer's Market, so when that reopens around here I will be journeying to that often.

4. My Yard- Oh man, that is going to suck. My yard is a mess thanks to the previous tenant not doing anything to it. So it is up to me and Dad to set it right. There is one catch: I really suck at gardening (the only plant I have kept alive more than a month is my moon cactus). So I am reading up on gardening dos and don'ts and have decided to try to plant some veggies and lavender and witch hazel (ha ha, no, not because I am a witch, but because they bloom in the winter while lavender is a summer bloom, so I will have pretty flowers all year round) in my back terraces.

So much to do, so little time. I have to get ready to go check on Dad's mom now. I might write more tonight, I might not. I might use this beautiful waxing moon evening to finish sewing my friend's wellness and protection satchel. Yeah, that sounds good. Until we meet (and write) again.

Congrats to Kari-chan on getting second place in the baby food competition! You did great! Keep up the good work!


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