Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shaved Cat and Secrets

I realize I am typing this late, but my insomnia has returned with a vengeance, so I figured I would at least use my insomnia wisely. I had my cat shaved today. Poor Kitkah, she looks so thin and almost Bigglesworth-like, however I made sure they did not shave her face and tail. I think she is rather pissed at me not so much for the shave but for taking her to the kennel to do it. She REALLY did not like the kennel. Like she tried to climb into and hide in my purse did not like. Oh well, this will be easier on the both of us, she won't be matted and I won't get the shit bitten out of me for trying to brush her. I apologize if I seem to be cursing more than usual, but I REALLY did not have a good day. After two days of little sleep, I had to wake at o'dark-thirty to take Dad's mom to the orthopedic doctor. I spent an hour getting to her house, getting her to hurry up, then trying to find the x-rays I had to bring with us. I spent another hour getting there and helping her fill out paperwork and listening to her bitch. Then, turns out her primary care doctor did not double check that the clinic would take her insurance, because they didn't. I had stressed and sleep-deprived myself for nothing. Then I had to drive her back home and listen to her bitch more (I went off on her at that point. I am not a morning person, so to complain to me in a nagging tone when I am tired and cranky is asking for me to flip it right back to you. Better yet, I don't feel about it because I was defending my dad). Then we accidentally locked ourselves out of her house and had to wait for the apartment manager to let us in. After that I set out to do what I originally planned to do today (I did not find out she had this appointment until Sunday, when Dad mentioned it and I said I'd take her for him): go take care of MY OWN medical problems. I saw my chiropractor since my neck had been stiffening up again (damn car accidents, oh well, it felt good to be popped), called my therapist asking for him to give me a call when he was available to make an appointment, and made an appointment for the allergy doctor since I am having problems breathing. Then I got my cat shaved and got groceries with my parents. And got a nap. Still tired though.

Something else is bothering me though. I may have mentioned I am now in the process of converting to Wicca (it in truth does not require much else than converting to its beliefs, which is not so bad honestly). However, I have not told my parents of my new found religious beliefs. Now before you get the wrong idea, my parents are the most tolerant people I know. They don't care about most things, only that you are a good person and lead a good life. However, we are a Southern family, and as a friend's parent once told me, there ain't a man in the South that don't know who God is. Religion is a sticky point in my family, always has been, always will be thanks to Mom's family being Catholic and Dad's just being Southern. Mom used to be devout herself until she felt the Church was becoming too conservative and bigoted. I remember one time I told Mom I had an atheist friend, and she cried. Cried. Faith is something very important to my parents. They don't even believe me when I tell them Sissy is seriously a Buddhist. I do not know how they would handle their elder daughter being a witch. Most of me thinks they would be okay with it, but there is that small part of me, the doubter, the scared part of me that thinks they will reject me for this. I have a new found respect for people who come out of the closet now, because all I am doing is changing religions and I am a nervous wreck. Hell, that's probably why I can't sleep. I am hoping to talk to Mummy soon and ask her opinion on how I should handle this situation. Do any of you out there have an advice for me on this? And uh, please don't say I am going to burn in hell. I like to think that I will at the very least not go there for simply dealing with my dad's mom and not killing her. Yet.

P.S.- We are fairly certain that the newest edition to the family is a girl. Yay! More cute baby clothes!


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