Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grimore and Health

Recently I may have mentioned I have a new Wicca book. For those of you not aware, I do practice some of its beliefs. I do believe that there are powers beyond that occur in nature, and that it is okay to harness them to benefit your fellow man. After reading up on Wicca (if you are interested, try Scott Cunningham, he is considered one of the best writers on Wicca) I find that it is very sad how much it is misconstrued. There is no devil worshipping, we worship the God and Goddess in our lives and nature. Our creed is to harm none and help all and to coexist with nature. How people can hate something so... loving and pure is beyond me. But I am simply a novice whose chaotic (and broke) life often keep me from practicing. Funny, isn't it that we need money to enrich our soul? But going into Wicca has also made me want to change other things.For example, I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle (special thanks to you on help with that, Kari-chan). But I have two beliefs that always keep me from going all out into it. First would be I could die tomorrow, and I want to die drinking Coke (okay so my vice is caffeine, it helps with my chronic headaches). Second is I don't believe ANY food is bad for you (unless you are allergic), you have only to take them in moderation. Nevertheless, I am trying to lead a healither lifestyle (still not giving up cokes, I have yet to find a source of such massive amounts of caffeine that are good for me, lol). I am eating salad more and thriving on veggies and choosing healthier cheeses. I just can't embrace all of the health craze, like milk being bad for you (I will never, ever give up dairy you can pry my milk bottle from my cold, dead hands). But I am trying, and I think that counts from something.

So as I am trying to get healthier, I am trying to start my Grimiore. That is basically the book were a witch keeps her spells and tabs on how developing them and herself is going. This new herb magic book will be beneficial for that, because I have already found the first ritual I want to try. I want to try and make a charm for wellness and spiritual health for a friend of mine. I need to read up on it more though, because magic is serious, and improperly used magic is never good (I automatically think of Practical Magic, completely fictional, but the message is there). Hopefully everything will go well. I will keep you posted on how that goes. Still no job, but I got paid for taking my friend to work so that was nice. Until the next post, good fortune to all.

*Side note: -chan is something from Japanese that is called an honorific. In this case adding it to the end of a name is a sign of friendship and affection. The best way to explain is that if I called someone Cat-chan, it would translate out to Kitty. It's hard to translate them in English because they have no direct translation.


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