Monday, March 9, 2009

Melancholy Update

My friend Tai is not moving in and is still with her ass of a guy. If that is her decision, I support her even if I don't like him. I am also dealing with the fact I have to kick my roommate and friend, Bradford, out. He has not even tried to find a job to pay for his rent and has been incredibly rude to me for a couple of months now. Part of me feels bad because he's a longtime friend, but more of me is just so tired of dealing with this. I have enough to worry and stress about without him adding to it. I also am taking my friend Potter to work this week because both his car and motorcycle broke. He had some odd luck, ne? Baby Olivia has to have surgery as well. I believe she is having tubes put into her ears. Tiffany is doing well and carrying the pregnancy fine so far. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Grammy is doing well, we're going shopping tomorrow. Dad's mom is still a wench and I still have to tend to her every other day and still drains the energy from me. Finally I looked into the culinary school down the street from me. It will cost me between $27,000 and $38,000 to go there, and we are pretty certain that it will b due all at once instead of in semester payments. I have not been feeling well. My energy is gone and I'm continuously tired. I hope my meditation will help me with it, or at least help me deal with it better. For now that's all I have to write. Fair winds and good seas to all (I'm in a pirate mood).

P.S.- Still no job and this week literally only one place I could apply to. Sad.


Casey said...

Check out the tech schools in your area.
The tech school in our area has a culinary program for about half the price and you can pay as you go. I think you can even get aid.
I know your in a different state. But check it out you may find a program that won't cost you so much.

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