Saturday, June 13, 2009

Low Blows

So, I may have mentioned today is the day we were to start picking up the things that Grammy owned, so that's what we did. At first it was okay... but then Dale (Grammy's boyfriend) took back a piece of furniture that we had emptied of Grammy's things. This did not sit well since that piece was for jewelry holding. We waved it off until we got home when we noticed somethings were missing. To be precise, we are missing some expensive purses and furs that belonged to Grammy. So my dad went back over there to ask Dale about them and to pick up a kitchen hutch and cookbooks that are going to Mom, my sister, and myself. Dale would not fork them over, stating they weren't in the will (which he wrote and made my grandmother sign while she was under the effects of morphine). Well, this drove Mom nuts. She has been screaming, wailing, and uttering curses about Dale for hours now. I'm pretty upset myself, since Grammy and I discussed this more than once while she was in our home, and she made it clear those books were going to my sister and me, though we will let Mom take first picks. Too bad for Dale we already had a list written with Grammy's wishes on it signed by my uncle. Tomorrow we confront him with it, and if need be we will be suing him for our Grammy's things. We didn't want everything, just certain personal things, but now my mom is so pissed that I would not be surprised if she took everything she could (and she can do this with a lot of things since Grammy and Dale never married). We are at least relieved to find we have the expensive jewelry we were rather worried about. The cameo Grammy left me is beautiful. It's of Psyche and Cupid and I have discerned (thanks to Mummy) that the cameo is made from seashell. Maybe I will wear it with my wedding gown whenever I get married. It is just breath-taking. I hope I can find a camera and take a picture of it to show you all soon. Now, sadly, I must cut my writing short because Mom is still having a fit and I need to help Dad out with her. I will keep you updated and write further on this probably tomorrow evening. Ciao.


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