Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's Got the Look

I got my new haircut. I am trying to get a picture of it onto my Facebook so people can see it. I'll try to upload the picture here, too. My Mummy tells me its a very artsy haircut to which I said a chef is but an artist whose medium is food. My mom will kill me. She hates when I do this kind of thing. Last time I took a manga character's hair style and used it for my graduation picture and graduation. She was not pleased but she stopped complaining... eventually. I also am saddened by Billy Mayes the Oxyclean Guy passing on. I will miss him because I enjoyed his show Pitchman on Discovery. I know, I have eclectic tastes in shows. I am so excited to be starting school on Monday. Monday!! My orientation is tomorrow. Wahhhhh. My parents are still in Hawaii, still enjoying themselves. Oh and Aunt Angela's second baby will be a girl. My family's a freaking harem, nothing but girls. Yay for frilly things!! Thanks for the support, Casey, you are right the God and Goddess work in nice ways, no? Until next time.


Together We Save said...

I have all girls in my family too.

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